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Coursing Landstuhl D

We spent a really nice weekend with some very good friends in Landstuhl (D). A miniatur swiss delegation was thee, but what they did was great. Start at saturday with Coursing. We had Artio, Zapzarap, Persephone, Ostara and Phanes (Speedy) to start. Speedy was not happy with his muzzle and dosen‘t finished the second cours. But he had allready fun.

There was 13 females

Persephone 10., Ostara 8., Artio 7. and Zapzarap 5. 😍

The rest from switzerland Kahlan (Silverhawk‘s z-ing the clouds on fire) 12. Vis-a-vis (Silverhawk‘s vis-a-vis) 11. DJ (Tumainia Dai Jin) 9. Avanne (Avanne of Goldenblue) 3. Congratulation to Alexandra Bieri

National female Elsu (Silverhawk‘s your flying hawk) 2.

National male Lithium (Silverhawk‘s the memory of dune) 6.

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