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Whippet breeding since 1975

It began in 1975, when my grandmother Edith Lauper had her first whippet litter. At that time the B-litter of Generosus. It didn't take long, the first litter was born under the breeding name "von der Mühlehalde".

"Why exactly von der Mühlehalde? The name is quickly broken down. There is a mill not far from Edith's home, which stands with its mill river to the river Aare. As the area where Lauper's live has always been known as Mühlehalde, it was soon clear which breeding name to choose.

Under this breeding name 42 litters have been born in 40 years. The Whippet's from Brugg became known and appreciated. So it happened that in 2014 I followed in my grandmother's footsteps and had my first litter under the name "von der Mühlehalde". In 2015 the P-litter followed, it was my second litter and at the same time the last, under the breeding name "von der Mühlehalde". Because of our change of residence and the possibility to raise the puppies there, we decided to apply for an own breeding name.
So "von der Mühlehalde" remains at its place in Brugg and the life's work of my grandmother.

We were not able to say goodbye to the mill completely with the new name. So we were looking for a name that would unite river and mill. At the same time it should be a homage to my grandmother and a promise to her to live on the values from Brugg.

So Millriver's dogs will never be so fast that they can run in front in a race. But all the more agile to provide a surprise at Corsings. Shows should always be fun. But who wants to win everything, is not quite right with us. We would like to have well-balanced dogs, which are intended as all-rounders for family, sport and exhibitions.

Therefore we have with Edith a longtime and experienced breeder, who supports us with words and deeds.

We are happy to find our own breeding line with Millriver`s.

Friendly greetings

Nicole Lauper

Edith Lauper & Dr. med. vet. Peter Lauper 

Roman Andrist & Nicole Lauper 

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