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About us


Welcome to Millriver`s


In December 2014, when our passion for dogs merged our hearts, it was clear to us both that it was the love of life.


So a new breed of dog was born, me with my whippets and my flatcoated retriever Elenia and Roman who brought his flatcoated bitch Amy. The harmony was felt not only in the 2-legged, but also in our dogs.


With our five dog ladies we lived in a rented apartment. The division of work was clear, novel for the Mangnung the Hundertraum at exhibitions and working with the dogs in training and I for the implementation of breeding ideas and handling at the dog shows.


Going together for a future was clear to both of us, so on 15.5.15 we gave the YES word. As with the dogs, we kept our birth names (breed names). It would have to be assumed that then the children would also be called Lauper. Well, We will see.


In the fall of 2015, we were allowed to move into a family home in Kölliken, the possibility to raise the puppies in Kölliken, let the breed Millriver`s Switzerland arise.


With Ostara and Persephone from the Mühlehalde, we will continue the breeding in the sense of Edith Lauper (from the Mühlehalde). To ensure the sustainability of our breeding, we added Hermione as the 3rd Whippet young bitch in November 2015. With the bitch Silverhawk's Zapzarap we have integrated another promising breeding bitch into our pack. With Millriver's Artio in 2016 we kept our first female dog under a new breeding name. In 2017 we could not only celebrate the birth of the B-litter, but also the birth of our daughter (C-litter). Millriver's Befana and our daughter are one heart and one soul, which is why we decided to keep Befana in our pack.

Our D-litter with our bitch Zapzarap was born on New Year's Day 2019. After the puppies moved out in spring, we have completely renovated our home. We used this renovation phase to analyze and reorganize the future goals of our breeding. So we definitely decided not to have any litters with Befana. With the breed Saluki, we have fulfilled another dream, so in the near future we will have our first Saluki bitch on the dog place. With the birth of our son, our family will get a regular owner. In December 2019 the E-litter saw the light of the world. At the end of January 2020 we could welcome the F-litter.
We are happy to breed under the name Millriver`s vital and healthy dogs of the breed Whippet and Saluki. We are looking forward to your visit.
Nicole Lauper

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