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The Millriver's E-litter was born on 10. 12.2019


millrivers cover high.jpg

Litter planning 2019

Ostara von der Mühlehalde          x Pallid Dragon Devon

Are you interested in Millriver's E-Litter?

Information about the litter can be obtained at

0041 (0) 76 391 96 72

We look forward to your call.

The Millriver's E - litter was born on

December 10, 2019...

...our bitch Ostara gave birth to seven puppies.

Time and weight at birth

1. male 5.03h 328g

2nd male 7.06h 322g

3rd bitch 9.30h 178g*

4th bitch 9.47h 298g

5. female 11.35h 306g

6. female 12.46h 289g

7. bitch 19:30h 310g

* Farewell Esmay beautiful we were allowed to experience your beauty.

E - litter Trailer
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