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Grüezi. Bonjour. Buongiorno. Allegra. 2018

Welcome to the official site for Millriver’s Whippet Switzerland.

When you think you will see Heidi or Swiss Chocolate products on this site, you failed.

Millriver's Switzerland stands for healthy and vital dogs. Discover the sighthounds between beauty and performance - from the calm sofa dog to the elegant and beauty-conscious exhibition dog with the typical hunting instinct.

And now you can discover your Millriver's Whippet amidst the majestic Swiss mountains. We don’t have the speed but the traction belong for an alpine country. At the question: “why your Whippet's are small?” - let's just say the recipe stays secret.

We would like to share our breeding ambition and idea with you, and together we will lead you to our ambition and ensure that you keep our dogs forever in the best and most loving memory. Let yourself be enchanted by the Whippet!

Welcome to Millriver's 2018

Herzlich Willkommen auf der offiziellen Seite von Millriver’s Whippet Schweiz.

Wenn Sie denken, Sie finden hier Heidi oder Schweizer Schokolade, dann liegen Sie falsch.

Millriver’s Schweiz steht für gesunde und vitale Hunde. Entdecken Sie die Windhunde zwischen Schönheit und